Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide? 

The EGCC offers health education in a variety of formats and tailors each program to the needs and interests of the group. The EGCC also offers programs such as Cooking Matters and farm to table programs for school aged children and adults to teach behaviors and habits that are important to long-term prevention.

Through our partners, we also offer low- and no-cost screenings for some cancers. The screenings offered are dependent on rates we are able to negotiate with our partners and our funding.

The EGCC also offers patient support and community outreach through our Community Health Advocates (CHAs). CHAs inform patients of current screening recommendations, aid In attaining screenings and help patients navigate the healthcare system throughout treatment.

We also work to create changes in the system to improve the quality of care for residents in our region through our collaborations. The EGCC works with local hospitals, physicians, public health departments, universities and other organizations to increase access to cancer prevention education and programs, screenings, and the latest treatments.


Do you provide treatment?

The EGCC does not provide treatment. However, if you need assistance in finding a provider for treatment the EGCC can assist in connecting you with a local provider.


What counties do you serve? 

See the list at the bottom of this page.


How can I receive help from the EGCC? 

The EGCC does not provide treatment or financial aid, however, we are able to assist you in finding the appropriate treatment centers, physicians’ offices and/or health centers in the area.

The EGCC can provide health education in a variety of formats and tailor each presentation to the needs and interests of the people in each group. Programs are held at worksites, community organizations, churches and other faith based institutions. Please email or call (706)542-6449 for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Depending on funding availability, the EGCC is able to offer low-or no cost screenings for some cancers through our partnerships with area providers. Check our website or email for current programs and availability.

The EGCC’s Community Health Advocate program provide s health education and screening recommendations, helps patients navigate the health care system, and provides support through treatment. Please email for CHA availability in your area.


How can I schedule a presentation? 

Presentations can be held at your worksite, church  or other location of your choosing. Presentations may be scheduled by calling (706) 542-6449 or emailing


How is your organization different from other cancer organizations? 

The East Georgia Cancer Coalition exclusively serves the residents of east Georgia and we are not affiliated with any national organization. As a result, our programs and services are tailored for our region and its needs. 100% of the EGCC’s donations, programs and services remain in east Georgia. This makes us different from other cancer organizations. We provide services and programs in our community so you can see YOUR DONATIONS at work in YOUR COMMUNITY.

Unlike other organizations, the East Georgia Cancer Coalition does not limit its services or focus to one type of cancer; we are a resource for all cancer types.

We are a coalition, so our work brings together different partners and organizations that may not normally work together in order to make a greater impact on cancer. Since our organization is local and operates under an independent board of directors, we are able to collaborate with a wide variety of organizations. The EGCC can therefore create opportunities to make

strides against cancer by not having national imposed restrictions on its work, and create opportunities to make strides against cancer that other organizations are unable to due to national level restrictions or competition.


How are your funds used? 

One hundred percent of the EGCC’s funding remains in east Georgia. Funds are used to support our programs, projects and services within our region. All funds and donations support cancer education, cancer screening, outreach and cancer related services, such as our community health advocates, withinour 29 counties.


Who benefits from programs?

The EGCC serves all residents within our 29 county region (see FAQ #3) through our various health education and cancer prevention programs, screenings, community health advocates and our cancer related media campaigns throughout the region.


How can I partner with the EGCC? 

Any organization interested in  “uniting against cancer” may partner with us in a variety of ways. Ourpartners include hospitals, medical supply companies, healthcare clinics, physicians, universities, state and federal agencies and countless businesses.

Partners do not have to be in the health field. Our needs are diverse so are our partners. Through the course of a year it is common for us to work with party supply companies, gift shops, athletic companies, salons, grocery stores, restaurants and more. If you would like to work with us in the fight against cancer but are not sure how you can make an impact, we will be happy to help you find a way to make an impact that is meaningful for you. Please call (706) 542-6449 or send an email to